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Christmas Style

With Black Friday literally days away, I thought we should discuss Christmas style. Lots of stuff will be super cheap, so it will be a little easier on the wallet to indulge in the holiday spirit. Here are my ideas for two completely different Christmas feelings:

A Glitzy Christmas – Sources:

  1. Multi-pack silver and gold ornaments
  2. Emerald green ball ornaments
  3. Wreath
  4. Stocking holders
  5. Stockings
  6. Gold satin (for the tree skirt – any fabric store has it)
  7. Emerald green ribbon (or any fabric store)
  8. White pinecone ornaments
  9. Emerald green finial ornaments
  10. Wrapping paper
  11. Candleholders
  12. The tree and the tree topper

You could use this idea with any color under the rainbow, but by keeping the palette simple, it makes the room feel less cluttered, adding to the glitz. By the way, I love that tree! Mr. QSH loves white trees, but I have never seen one and thought it was good enough for my home, even this rental! That one – at least online – looks great.

A Natural Christmas – Sources:

  1. Red felt garland
  2. Felt ornaments
  3. Glass ornaments (these are beautiful; these are cheap)
  4. Miscellaneous – Squirrel, bird ornaments, decorative balls, pinecone ornaments
  5. Wreath
  6. Craft paper gift wrapping (beautiful craft paper wrapping ideas here)
  7. Lemon rosemary cookies – to eat and to smell throughout the house!

I think the decorative balls can go in any bowl you already own, but I love this bowl in case you feel the need for one more bowl.

Also, you can either buy pinecone ornaments, buy pinecones and make them into ornaments, or pick up some pinecones and totally DIY it. If you pick up pinecones from The Great Outdoors, just bake them at a low heat (200* F) for 20-30 minutes; keep your eye on ‘em, though!

The wreath I picked is beautiful, but seriously, it’s an easy (and fun) DIY. Go to any place that sells wreaths (natural or artificial), pick one out that has the type of greenery you dig, and go to town. Buy lights (with the same color cord as your wreath!), pine cones, berries, etc. Have fun with it. And don’t forget the snow in a can! Apparently, you can even make it yourself!

Oh, and I didn’t include a tree skirt in the Natural Christmas mood board. Here are two that I am pretty much obsessed with:

You can find the RH one here and the Etsy one here. Instead of purchasing either one of them, I’d purchase [faux] fur or linen and drape it around the base of the tree and tuck the raw edges under.

I thought I’d omit a tree topper for this one. It’s supposed to be simple and natural, so do what feels good to you!

Like the tree topper, I omitted stockings. Do with what you have or consider making some new ones. Here are some cuties I found on the interwebs:

From left to right, Pottery Barn with fur stockings, herringbone with tree stockings, and here’s an adorable tutorial with lots of other creative and cheap holiday ideas.

Do you have a favorite? I guess it’s pretty clear that I do… In either case, I’ll keep my eye on Black Friday sales and expand my tiny little holiday decoration supply.

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